April 21, 2014


2013/2014 Academic year relevant rates and fees

Booking/Security Deposit: € 790.00
Payable with application form

Room Type 1st Moiety 2nd Moiety Weekly Year
Single €2,244.00 €1,734.00 €102.00 €3,978.00
Twin €1,760.00 €1,360.00 €80.00 €3,120.00

Please note:
1st Moiety is payable on or before Friday 16th August, 2013
2nd Moiety is payable on or before Friday 6th December 2013.

Booking forms


The Booking/Security Deposit of €790.00 comprises of:

1. Electricity €300.00
Payment for energy costs (ESB) per resident. This is designed to cover heating, light, cooking etc. If the final balance for the apartment at the end of the academic year is greater than this amount, the student is liable for the balance. Any surplus is returned in due course to the Parent/Student on a pro rata basis.

2. Damage Deposit €200.00
Refundable less any deductions for cost of damage, loss or cleaning if required at the end of the academic year.

3. Utilities €290.00 (Non Refundable)
Cable TV. TV Licence, Waste disposal etc.